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I'm a local tutor available for private individual or group tutoring in mathematics (including statistics) and the sciences, for university level (University of Arizona), college courses (Pima Community College) and high school Advanced Placement classes. My specialties are calculus and statistics, but other topics which I can tutor include pre-calculus, trigonometry, finite math, discrete math, and probability. Sciences which I can tutor include physics, chemistry, geology, and biology.

I have tutored for over 20 years, at high school and university levels, both as a private tutor and as an employee. I have also taught math and computer science courses for 10 years at the University of Alaska Anchorage. And I have worked as a teaching assistant for graduate and undergraduate nursing science statistics courses. I have also worked in health research (mostly statistical analysis) for federal, state and university positions.



Why choose me?

I'm not just another student trying to make a little extra money on the side. I'm a professional educator who knows where most people have troubles in their understanding, and what part of which problems. I'm familiar enough with these subjects not only to know how to explain their concepts in simple terms, but also to create appropriate additional questions for supplemental homework or making sample exams.

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