Geographic Trivia

from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and worldwide

  1. What is the northernmost U.S. state?
  2. What is the southernmost U.S. state?
  3. What is the westernmost U.S. state?
  4. What is the easternmost U.S. state?
  5. What is the only U.S. state to have existed as an independent country?
  6. What is the oldest U.S. city founded by Europeans?
  7. What is the oldest inland U.S. city founded by Europeans?
  8. What is the oldest U.S. state capital?
  9. Which of the eight compass directions would a ship be heading if it were
    passing through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific?
  10. Where does the Colorado River empty?
  11. What is the most popular U.S. national park?
  12. What is the next most popular U.S. national park?
  13. What two U.S. states share borders with the most other states?
  14. How many borders are shared?
  15. What three U.S. states share borders with the least other states?
  16. How many borders are shared?
  17. What is the oldest capital city in the Americas?
  18. What U.S. state has had the most active volcanoes in the past century?
  19. How many active volcanoes [under ten, ten to twenty, over twenty]?
  20. What is the smallest province of Canada?
  21. What is the largest province of Canada?
  22. If a plane flies directly south from Chicago, which country of South
    America would be flown over first?
  23. What South American country stretches furthest north to south?
  24. How many independent countries resulted from the breakup of the Soviet
  25. What other names have been given to St. Petersburg (Russia) since 1900?
  26. What is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted since
  27. Where is Waterloo located, the site of Nepoleon's famous defeat?
  28. How many independent European countries are smaller than Rhode Island?
  29. What are the official languages recognized in Switzerland?
  30. Where is Transylvania located?
  31. What African country was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves?
  32. What country contains northernmost point in Africa?
  33. What two countries are linked by Khyber Pass?
  34. What was Sri Lanka called before 1972?
  35. What two seas are linked by the Suez Canal?
  36. What was Ho Chi Minh City called before 1975?
  37. What is the only island state in Australia?
  38. What is the smallest republic in the world?
  39. What country contains the highest capital city in the world?
  40. What country contains or is bordered by over half of the ten highest
    mountains in the world?
  41. What is the longest (continental) mountain system in the world?
  42. What region contains the "Roof of the World", the largest and highest
    plateau in the world?
  43. What country has the highest number of deaths related to earthquakes
    recorded since 1900?
  44. What volcanic eruption has been called the loudest natural explosion in
    recorded history?
  45. What country contains the greatest known deposits, variety, and output of
    minerals in the world?
  46. What country has the most time zones?
  47. How many continents are crossed by the International Dateline?
  48. What continent contains the most countries?
  49. What continent contains the fewest countries?
  50. What country borders the most other countries?
  51. What independent country has the highest population density?
  52. What are the official languages of the United Nations?