Eggs, Spheres, Hearts, Boxes

A partial list of items available from us at the state fairs:

Object Material Details/Size Color/Style Location
board wood large (18") solitaire game Madagascar
box coconut rectangular; M or L tan & black or brown Philippines
box mahogany round agate Brazil
box onyx & fossil coral round pink & black Mexico
box onyx & gneiss (green) checker; S or M green & black Mexico
box onyx & marble (violet) checker; S or M pink & black Mexico
box onyx & quartz (white) checker; S or M white & black Mexico
box onyx & sandstone (tan) checker; S or M tan & black Mexico
box orthoceras & goniatites rectangular; L black & white Morocco
box wood & violet marble stone veneer violet Philippines
carving coral (fossil) whale tan, gray Philippines
carving jade (jadeite) fish scene green (translucent) China
carving jasper gigantic owl red
carving jasper (picture) dolphin tan
carving lepidolite hippos purple Zimbabwe
carving lepidolite lion purple Zimbabwe
carving limestone whale gray Philippines
carving marble (violet) whale violet Philippines
carving sandstone whale orange, pink Philippines
carving serpentine & stichtite elephant green & violet Australia
carving soapstone dinosaur pink, gray Peru
carving soapstone horse white, black, gray Peru
carving soapstone owl white, black, tan Peru
carving soapstone penguin tan, black, gray Peru
carving various stones bird atop crystal Peru
egg aragonite medium brown (banded) Morocco
egg basalt medium brown (spotted) Zimbabwe
egg calcite (yellow) large orange, yellow Mexico
egg calcite (blue) medium blue Madagascar
egg celestite (crystals in matrix) large, medium blue Madagascar
egg coral (fossil) medium cream Philippines
egg dolomite medium pink Mexico
egg feldspar medium orange Zimbabwe
egg fusilinids (fossil) medium tan Pakistan
egg granite medium blue Zimbabwe
egg guinea medium gray, black Zimbabwe
egg jasper (red) medium red Zimbabwe
egg jasper (snakeskin) small red (banded) Australia
egg lazulite medium blue Madagascar
egg lepidolite medium purple Zimbabwe
egg magnesite medium white Zimbabwe
egg marble (violet) medium violet Philippines
egg mookaite small violet, red, yellow Australia
egg onyx medium brown, green Pakistan
egg orthoceras (fossil) medium black & white Morocco
egg septarian medium yellow, gray Madagascar
egg serpentine medium green (spotted, striped) Zimbabwe
heart adventurine 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" green
heart amethyst 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" violet
heart fluorite 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" purple
heart jasper 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" red
heart mookaite 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" yellow, red Australia
heart petrified wood 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" brown
heart rhodonite 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" pink
heart rhyolite 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" green, brown
heart rose quartz 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" pink
heart sodalite 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" blue
heart tiger eye 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" yellow
heart unakite 0.6", 1.2". 1.8" pink & green
holder agate candle various dyed Brazil
sphere adventurine 0.8", 1.6" green
sphere agate 0.8" to 5" white, blue, red Brazil
sphere angelite 2" blue Peru
sphere aragonite 2" brown Morocco
sphere augen gneiss 1" gray & white Tok, Alaska
sphere blizzard stone 1" black with white Palmer, Alaska
sphere calcite 1.5" blue Madagascar
sphere fluorite 1" to 3" green Madagascar
sphere fluorite 1" to 2" purple China
sphere jasper gigantic red Brazil
sphere jet 3" black
sphere kabamba jasper 3" green Madagascar
sphere labradorite 0.8", 1.6" blue
sphere manganocalcite 2" pink Peru
sphere marble (violet) 2.5" violet Philippines
sphere microcline feldspar 1.5" tan Madagascar
sphere mookaite 0.8", 1.6" yellow, red Australia
sphere ocean jasper 3" green Madagascar
sphere opal 2" to 4" green Madagascar
sphere orbicular granite 1.5" black & white Australia
sphere quartz 0.8", 1.6" clear
sphere rose quartz 0.8", 1.6" pink Madagascar
sphere serpentine 2.5" green Philippines
sphere stichtite (with serpentine) 1.5" purple (on green) Australia
sphere smoky quartz 0.8", 1.6" black
sphere stromatolite 4" brown China
sphere tiger eye 0.8" yellow
sphere tiger iron 1.2" to 3" red, yellow, gray Australia
tray rhyolite spoonrest polychrome Madagascar
tumble agate (blue lace) 1" blue South Africa
tumble agate (bubblegum) 1" various South Dakota
tumble agate (fire) 1" red & white Arizona
tumble amazonite 1" blue Russia
tumble chert 0.75" green Australia
tumble jasper (dalmation) 1" white with black Mexico
tumble jasper (pork) 1" red & white California
tumble jasper (snakeskin) 0.75" to 1.5" red Australia
tumble jet (anthracite) 1" black
tumble labradorite 1" to 3" blue Madagascar
tumble malachite 1" green Zaire/Congo
tumble mookaite 1" yellow, red, purple Australia
tumble nunderite 1" green in brown Australia
tumble pilbara 0.75" picasso Australia
tumble rhodonite 1" pink Australia
tumble rhyolite 1" rainforest Australia
tumble rose quartz 1" pink
tumble rutilated quartz 1" clear Brazil
tumble stromatolite 1" Acaciella Australia
tumble stromatolite 1" Mawsonsia Australia
tumble tiger eye 1" yellow & brown South Africa
tumble tiger iron 1" yellow, red, gray Australia
tumble unakite 1" pink & green Vermont
tumble vivianite 1" deep blue Australia
tumble zebra stone 1" brown & pink Australia
windchime agate various sizes various colors Brazil
window amethyst 1" to 2" violet Brazil
window quartz 1" to 2" clear Brazil?
window rose quartz 1" to 2" pink Brazil?
window smoky quartz 1" to 2" black Brazil?
worry miscl stones small various colors

box, carving, egg, heart, sphere, tumble, worry