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This section contains images selected from a month long trip to New Zealand and two trips (three months total) to Australia.  In New Zealand, I started in Auckland, took a bus and hitchhiked down the center (of the North Island) to Waitoma and Wellington, took the ferry (to the South Island), hitchhiked and rode buses from Christchurch and Dunedin to Te Anua and Queenstown, then returned (more hitchhiking) back up the west coast to Auckland.

For the first trip to Australia, I rode my bicycle (about a third of the way) between Sydney and Melbourne, hitchhiked all around Tasmania, flew to Canberra, and returned to Sydney.  For the second trip, I went by bus from Sydney up the east coast to Townsville and Cairns, across to Darwin, down to Alice Springs (and Ayer's Rock) and Adelaide, west to Perth, and back east to Melbourne.  Then I took the ferry to Tasmania, did the Overland Track (from Cradle Mountain to Lake Saint Claire), traveled around Tasmania, then went back to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.


New Zealand

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