Minerals, Crystals, Meteorites

A partial list of items available from us at the state fairs:

Category Material Detail/Size Color/Style Location
bag Popcorn Rock grow it yourself white or blue Alaska
chart Healing Stones 8"x11" laminated
chart History of Universe large folded 2 sided
crystal adventurine cluster green Brazil
crystal amethyst single, cluster violet Brazil
crystal amethyst "cactus" (spires) violet Brazil
crystal aragonite cluster white Mexico
crystal apophyllite cluster green, clear India
crystal aragonite desert rose white United States
crystal bismuth castle iridescent laboratory
crystal calcite dogtooth spar clear, white Missouri
crystal calcite optical clear India
crystal cavansite on stillbite blue India
crystal citrine single, cluster yellow Brazil
crystal fluorite cluster green, purple China
crystal fluorite cluster deep purple Missouri
crystal fluorite cluster on dolomite light purple Mexico
crystal galena single, cluster gray metallic Missouri
crystal garnet almandine maroon China
crystal garnet almandine in schist maroon Alaska
crystal garnet gigantic red/brown Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
crystal garnet grossular green, brown Mexico
crystal gyrolite cluster green India
crystal heulandite cluster pink India
crystal magnetite octahedron rusty brown Australia
crystal pyrite bladed brassy metallic Missouri
crystal pyrite cluster cubic Peru
crystal pyrite cube 6-sided China
crystal pyrite dodecahedron 12-sided China
crystal pyrite sun round disk Illinois
crystal quartz double terminated with hematite Tibet
crystal quartz double terminated clear in gray matrix Herkimer, New York
crystal quartz single "singing quartz" Madagascar
crystal quartz needle cluster clear Columbia
crystal quartz single, cluster clear Arkansas
crystal selenite cluster green, black, white, golden Australia
crystal selenite cluster white Mexico
crystal smoky quartz single, cluster black Colorado
crystal sphalerite cluster brown
crystal stillbite cluster white, pink India
crystal vanadinite cluster red Arizona
crystal wulfenite cluster yellow Arizona
geode amethyst cathedral violet Brazil
geode celestite cluster in matrix blue Madagascar
geode quartz, chalcedony geodized fossil clear, white Indiana
geode quartz, chalcedony hollow, unopened white Dugway, Utah
geode septarian slab, half yellow crystals Utah
impactite Darwin glass black Tasmania, Australia
impactite moldavite green Czech Republic
impactite tektite black China
kit healing stones 5 specimens various
kit meteorite 6 specimens various worldwide
kit zeolites, etc. 6 specimens various India
meteorite nickel/iron Henbury, 6g rusty pebble Australia
meteorite nickel/iron Mundabrilla, 12g rusty pebble Australia
meteorite octahedrite Muonionalusta, 1906 etched metallic square Sweden
mineral agate Agate Creek red, yellow, green, blue Queensland, Australia
mineral agate Condor various Argentina
mineral agate moss gray; fluoresces green Uruguay
mineral agate polish (2" to 6") dark, light Madagascar
mineral agate thin slab (1" to 12") natural, dyed Brazil
mineral agate cut (rough, tumbled) natural, dyed Brazil
mineral amazonite Morefield Mine cyan Virginia
mineral anhydrite needle blue Mexico
mineral bornite peacock ore blue, purple Mexico
mineral carnelian polish red Madagascar
mineral chalcedony badland roses pinkish South Dakota
mineral chalcedony drippings white Mexico
mineral chalcopyrite peacock ore brassy yellow Mexico
mineral copper native copper Michigan
mineral fluorite octahedron green, blue, purple, clear China
mineral fluorite polish green Madagascar
mineral franklinite rough fluoresces red & green Franklin, New Jersey
mineral jade nephrite dark green Yukon, Canada
mineral kunzite slab pink Australia
mineral lepidolite standup blue or purple Australia
mineral malachite chrysocolla green, cyan Zaire/Congo
mineral molybdenite sheet silvery metallic Australia
mineral opal boulder brown matrix Australia
mineral peridot mantle rock green pocket in gray basalt Arizona
mineral rhodonite slab pink Australia
mineral stibnite needle gray metallic China
mineral sulfur slag yellow Florida
mineral vivianite slab deep blue Australia
rock fulgerite lightning struck sand tan Australia
rock jasper slab red, orange, gray Australia
rock marble standup white Vermont
rock mookaite bookends yellow & red Australia
rock nunderite slab brown with green Australia
rock opalite endcut tan with black lines Australia
rock pegmatite rough tan with black crystals California
rock rhyolite slab green Australia
rock septarian slab yellow, gray Utah
rock tiger iron slab yellow, red, gray Australia

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