Alaskan Animals

Over many years of hiking and backpacking in Alaska, I've seen most species of large animals which live here, though many have escaped my photographs. I've seen countless moose and caribou, too many black and brown bear, bison and musk ox, Dall sheep and mountain goats, blacktail deer, ten wolverines, numerous wolves and coyotes, river and sea otters, mink and marten, foxes and weasels, tons of rabbits and hares, tree and ground squirrels, many marmots and pika, muskrat and beaver, porcupine, mice and moles and lemmings and voles, seals and sea lions, various whales, and even bats. A couple of times now, I've stumbled across herds of thousands of caribou while backpacking in the Talkeetna Mountains. However, in all these years, I've never yet spotted a lynx while in the wilds, believe it or not. Oh, and by the way, I don't have a telephoto lens (too heavy to carry), so these animals were really close!

moose calves

Dall sheep
ewe and lamb

ewe and lamb

©2001 Curvin Metzler